VNT-C0312 Car CCD Camera-Rear


   1.  CCD colored chip, clear and sharp image, low illumination
   2.  Waterproof and shockproof body for car use
   3.  Super wide angle(160°):great visual angle range
   4.  Visible by weak reversing light
   5.  Tiny& easy to install/pretend. Hard to be discovered

   1.  Video Transceiver  * 1
One pack of screws group *1

   1. Power Source DC12V. 
   2. When camera is fixed, please lock body and support sturdy to avoid falling damage the machine.
   3. Please be careful handling, this product contains the very high degree of precision parts inspiration.
   4. Do not twist waterproof body while installing and not tear warranty stickers.

Specifications and products design are subject to change without notice.