ZYT-150 CCD Household reaction type Searchlight + Camera - Waterproof


   1.  High Resolution SONY 1/3" CCD
   2.  Support J78mm 150W Halogen lamp
   3.  IP55 rating
   4.  It can be in accordance with the spot situation to adjust angle of sensor,distance of reaction,

        light hold time and start time.
   5.  Design with tempered glass to prevent damage
   6.  Built-in AC200V 10A glass tube fuse. Much safer!
   7.  The sensor can lock later adjust 45 degrees from up and down.

   1.  150W Halogen lamp *1 (110V~130V)
   2.  One pack of screws group

   1. Do not twist waterproof body while installing and not tear warranty stickers.
   2. When installing induction light, the sensor head and walking direction must avoid  perpendicular line.
       (The sensor distant will become bad)
   3. The best height is between 2m~2.5m which can reach the best effect of sensor distant.
   4.  Power Source 110V~240V. And keep violent light away while installing.
   5.  Please lock body and bracket firmly to avoid machine damage by falling down.
   6.  Please be careful handling, this product contains the very high degree of precision parts inspiration.
   7.  It's waterproof, but not a diving camera! Do not film while diving!
   8.  The induction light can’t install upside down or side installation avoiding the distant of sensor
        become shorter and rainwater infiltrate into sensor.
   9.  If you install in a heat source or reflection in blaze like as transom opening, air conditioner opening,    
        grove, above geyser or easy to waver’s fixture, the sensor may will have a error light.
  10. Don’t  take tube by hand directly when you install it , you should install by soft good to avoid reducing
         the age of tube and bad dissipation caused by hand sweat .

Specifications and products design are subject to change without notice.